Winning without conceding and increasing external

Barca will open on Friday by hosting a Sevilla team that seems to have started its competitive tone. A draw and two victories including a win are their last three results. A rival that always demands the maximum and a match that historically has left great moments. Here are my tactical keys for this great meeting Clean sheet: One of the main. Objectives tonight has to be to win without conceding goals. And Barça needs to improve defensively. The numbers from this start of the season eight goals conceded in seven games. Show that the team has to exponentially increase its reliability if it wants to compete for everything.

The exit without De Jong:

We will see how Sevilla faces the clash and what game plan they propose. But men are usually active in pressing. At least in certain sections of the game such as at the beginning of each half. As long as this period of high pressure lasts more or less, it will be important for Barça to emerge well. Let him solve it better than in Mallorca where the Armenia Phone Number Database pressure of a forward plus the vigilance of Oriol Romeu limited the team’s progression at certain moments. In this sense, De Jong’s loss was noted since he represents. A stronghold at the beginning of the game (he does not lose balls and passes) as well as a second passing option in case the rivals cover the pivot.

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Exterior activity before withdrawal

Sevilla has improved in recent games. Especially after recovering some defensive solidity (only one goal conceded in the last three league games). The are proving to be more effective when the rivals arrive from outside, defending the area with all or almost all the troops. So it will be essential for Barça to use mid-distance to find the goal or Canada Phone Number List force them to go out and then be able to find the spaces inside. The greater the withdrawal, the greater the external activity. Shots, walls and centers with advantage. Even more so if Barca leaves as many spaces to move as in the last two games. And then, left foot.

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