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Dividing this segment of online marketing into two distinct dimensions: SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and Sponsored Links . Advertising of companies on Google In the case of SEO , we deal with techniques that aim to place a website and its pages in the first positions of Google’s response pages, in the area of ​​natural links, also known as.

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Organic Search , on these pages . In Sponsored Links , we work with another set of techniques that seek to gain relevant positions in the results published Denmark WhatsApp Number List in the paid links area of ​​Google’s response pages, through its Google Ads program. As publicizing a company on Google does not go through a single channel, Google Ads offers several ad options and formats.

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To learn more, I suggest you read our  Google article . They are different techniques with different results, both from a quantitative and qualitative BH Leads point of view, but with a common objective, to achieve prominent positions in the SERPs – Search Engine Response Pages . 1 – How to promote a company on Google My Business Our first tip on how to advertise a business on.

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