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Where to find a job with money is more than a tip Among other things we advise on how to find a job that does not interfere with your course schedule including full-time study. If you dont fit into any of these groups weve preparea list of general ideas for working with young people. On our listings youll find jobs that are more interesting better paying than stard flyer distribution or cleaning. General job ideas for young people Working in a Cinema This is a suggestion for those who are fascinateby the world of cinema want to take their first steps in this industry. Earn PLN per hour to watch the latest movies for free.

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Chance Working as a coach or trainer is suitable Azerbaijan Cell Phone Number List for young people who practice football fitness or pole dancing or spend a lot of time in the gym. With the right qualifications you can combine work with pleasure. Earnings depending on the subject your popularity may vary from PLN to even PLN per hour. Working as a waiter or bartender may not be a very novel proposition but can often be compensatewith tips. Plus you can meet a lot of new people while working in a bar. Earn approximately PLN per hour with tips. To work as a driver you can pass if you are over 10 years old have passethe driving license.

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Earn extra income easily by working as a or formerly Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number known as a driver. You can learn more about driver jobs in the article Driver jobs how to find it Earn the most PLN per hour. Dog walking pet care is a great solution for anyone who enjoys spending time with dogs cats. Or caring for a parrot in the absence of their owner. Earnings You can earn approximately PLN per hour walking or taking care of a pet. Working as a lifeguard in a swimming pool is the perfect solution for you if you are over the age of 10 love swimming. All you neeto do is complete water rescue qualify as emergency.

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