When registering your company on

Opening hours; Accepted forms of payment; Catalog of products and services; Posts about your activities.  Google My Business, you must comply with the tool’s main guidelines and optimize all information fields. By doing this, your business will be listed prominently in local searches like being featured on Google Maps.

Although the tool seems simple

Knowing how to advertise a company on Google. My Business has its techniques, which make your company stand out among many. Others that use Japan WhatsApp Number List the same tool. How to stand out on Google My Business involves some specific techniques, we have developed a quick and practical training on this tool that you can learn about in detail by clicking here . 3 — Google Ads How to Feature a Business on.

Highlight your company

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Google Another classic way to on Google is through paid ads, known as Google Ads. These ads appear in different situations, such as the search network BH Leads where ads are listed on search engine response pages and the display network, formed by Google partner sites. Ads can also appear on Google Shopping, in inserts in videos displayed on YouTube.

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