What should I take into account and when to do it

If your website is obsolete and you think that the time has come to carry out a website redesign, it is important that you have the help of someone specialized to avoid losing the work done for years. Doing a website redesign is not only based on What should to do adding functionalities to a website or making it more beautiful, it is much more and in this article we are going to show you. Very helpful! 4 points to take into account in a web redesign: At Be Markethink as a digital marketing agency in Madrid and with years of experience in the sector, we have made clear 3 points that are not usually taken into account when redesigning a website and that are crucial to achieving good results. 1. Usability You’ve probably heard about web usability, but you’re not sure what we mean.

A website must be usable and since you

Are going to carry out a website redesign, it is interesting to take out the strengths and weaknesses of the current design to know what to keep and what can be dispensed with. Having good usability means that navigation through your website by Oman Phone Number Data potential customers is easy and What should to do intuitive. 2. SEO Let’s talk about SEO or search engine positioning. Surely What should to do when you have considered doing a web redesign, you have not fallen into positioning. What will it have to do with it? You may wonder… Well, it is actually very relevant. If you redesign a website What should to do without taking into account the positioning of your website, you will surely suffer a drop in your views and positioning. When redesigning a website, look at the structure and content of the previous website and try not to make too many sudden changes from one to another.


This does not mean that you cannot change your website

Simply take certain What should to do parameters into account and. Redirect from the old urls to the new ones to avoid problems. To do this, we recommend having. An agency that not only has web designers, but also seo knowledge to advise you in this process. 3. Website under maintenance try to carry out the website redesign on a subdomain China Phone Number List and then What should to do migrate it to the main domain. Since, if you put the website under maintenance for. A long time you may also have problems with positioning. 4. Editable and simple websites since you are faced with redesigning a website. Take advantage and do it in wordpress or similar. Cms so that you can have control of your website. If you make your website in code, you will always. Depend on agencies to change a small text or maintain your website.

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