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For this reason we want to show you some tools accompani by relat KPIs i.e. the key performance indicators that demonstrate the effectiveness with which the company is achieving its objectives which will allow you to concretely observe the economic convenience that having a your website. Strengthening your brand online A welldesign website consistent with your companys image can contribute to strengthening your branding and consequently your positioning on the market . What are the KPIs in this case The likes comments shares and average engagement rate of the content. Customer loyalty Measuring customer loyalty through a website can be complex.

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You can use to monitor it customer retention rate purchase frequency average order value and reviews. Collection of new contacts There are several indicators that help you evaluate the effectiveness of your lead acquisition strategies and monitor Philippines TG Number Data the success of your lead generation activities including the number of contacts acquir the rate of conversion of visitors into leads and the cost per acquisition. Acquisition of new customers The main KPIs for customer acquisition which can vary depending on the nes and objectives of your website and your specific marketing strategies are the number.

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Rate of visitors into customers and the average value of orders . Online sales trend This is an indicator that allows you to understand not only the value of your sales but also their trend over time whose KPIs are the transactions the average sales value the Turkey Phone Number List percentage deviation compar to the previous period . Improv customer support Customer care is a crucial area to ensure customer satisfaction. It is important to select the KPIs that best fit your business context including for example the number of ticketssupport requests response time resolution time and customer satisfaction rate. Why you should entrust your website to on why you should have your own website.

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