Video nuggets: use them to boost your campaigns

Certainly nugget videos are part of your daily life and that of your client as well. They have shown great efficiency in disseminating messages on the main internet platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. In this article, in addition to conceptualizing them, we will show you how they can make all the difference in your online Video nuggets  campaigns and help your company sell better . Happy reading and good learning. The nugget videos Nugget videos are part of the content strategy of businesses, especially online ones, that seek to raise awareness and instigate customers about their business and present concepts and characteristics. They are short.Highly relevant snippets.Of longer videos with. Content that people value. They are ver.y common on social media due to their potential to go viral.

They serve as a preview of much bigger and

People can get if they follow channels, buy courses or other products. Because they are. Short, they have a greater. Chance of being viewed. Until the end . Which increases the .Chances of conversion .And sharing, as they .Require just a few  Belgium Phone Number List seconds of people’s attention. In fact, this is a fundamental. Point: nugget videos are. The gateway to public interest. Abrief contact with the content, which is intended to be extended in a future relationship. To boost your campaign As we said, nugget videos are the gateway to more elaborate content and the purchase of products or services. They do this in a contextual way, using the power of algorithms . With each viewing, rejection or sharing, the robots understand people’s behavior and select the audience interested in that content to offer something similar.

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This greatly increases the chances of related campaigns

And why do they work so well.Because nugget videos have a highly inviting structure for people who find them on their timelines. Instead of a decont.Extualized frame, they have: Lettering: also called headline, is the title on the  Hong Kong Phone Number List screen that indicates the subject to be covered in the video. It’s the bait for the public to become interested and continue viewing. Subtitles: people don’t always. Have their audio turned on. And the subtitles in the. First few seconds show the spoken text. Making it possible to. Consume the content. Editing: the video only shows what is extremely necessary, with editing that excludes everything from pauses in speech and breathing to interspersed sections without much value for the video. Video nuggets are used within the campaign strategy, therefore, they need to be monitored and their performance evaluated , like everything that involves digital marketing.

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