Sophistication of social media platforms. From what we’ve been following in recent months. One of the trends in digital marketing in 2022. Will be the ever-increasing sophistication of the resources offered by the various social media platforms. In recent months we have seen a fierce fight between the major platforms such as Facebook , Instagram.

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Tik Tok and  short videos and other dynamic publication formats. The consequence of this will be that the production of content for social network s Bolivia Email List will be increasingly professionalized both in terms of videos and web design, as well as in terms of copywriting. Platforms will be more discerning in relation to user-generated content and algorithms will need to be increasingly understood and explored by.

Content producers

Email List

Social media management will need to be increasingly technical. Trends for digital marketing in 2022 5 – More intensive monitoring One of the digital BH Leads marketing trends in 2022 will be an intensification of the monitoring of marketing actions, whatever the platform. The conversion rate of digital marketing actions will be increasingly related to user tracking.

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