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Of advice is to define your Marketing Persona . Persona is key to determining the type of content that can be generated to attract the audience you want to impact. The Marketing Persona is a character you develop during the planning stage of your digital marketing strategy, who represents the audience you want to reach. Identify what your target audience’s needs and interests are so that you can produce content that.

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People. The more you know your audience, the more efficient your campaigns will be and consequently your conversion. 2 – Understand the moment Canada WhatsApp Number List of your readers How to create relevant content for your website that really converts if you are not presenting the right proposal at the right time to the people who access your content. When creating a really efficient content marketing strategy.

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The Consumer Purchase Journey . Content Production Course for Social Networks To attract the consumer to your Conversion Funnel , whether in BH Leads a blog article associated with the brand or in content for social networks , it is essential to position yourself at the level of awareness that the consumer is at that specific moment. 3 – Put yourself in your audience.

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