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And tablets are conquering their space in. The digital market and are influencing. The paths of online marketing. It estimated that over 80% of Internet traffic today comes from mobile devices.  will continue as one of the strongest trends in digital marketing. That’s why it’s good to have as one of the goals for your digital marketing strategy some actions in the mobile area.

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This new terrain and get used to its behavior and response. 8 – Turn Google Analytics into a consultant Google Analytics can one of your most trusted Poland WhatsApp Number List advisors in terms of digital marketing. Try to look at it as a data source for decision making and not just a performance tracking tool. GA reports can show you market trends you might not have guessed. In my case, it’s the first page I access every single day.

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It she who confirms to me  done in terms of marketing and conversions. 9 – Establish evaluation routines In our digital marketing course we always BH Leads comment that no online marketing campaign makes sense without proper measurement. Make it a goal to finely structure your monitoring of digital marketing campaigns. 10 – digital marketing into your routine.

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