To achieve this the first step is to have a good

As there is no number that is a reference for all sectors. What I can tell you is that the issue is not really about the value, but about the return. A lot of people wrongly evaluate investment in digital marketing by the amount invested. What you need to evaluate is the return that this investment is bringing. Digital marketing for small businesses.

Especially in a time

Even due to the natural scarcity of resources, of crisis like the one we are going through, needs to be focused on results. Digital Marketing Course Investment Indonesia WhatsApp Number List in digital marketing does not need to be huge to bring results. As long as you are working the right way, you can start with a low investment and increase as the results appear.

The question remains

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What would it be like to work the right way? The answer is very simple: Focus on your target audience and not mass marketing; Segment your actions BH Leads to those who really matter; Carefully monitor the result of each action or campaign.  digital marketing plan , with well-defined objectives, and strategic planning for the short.

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