The keys to Barça’s accusation of bribery in the case

The judge swerves and changes the course of the investigation into the Negreira case. Where before he saw sports corruption. A crime for which it is necessary to prove that the competition was altered. now he is charged with the crime of bribery. a type of criminal offense for which it is enough to consider as illicit the accredited payments that Barça made to José María Enriquez Negreira. The head of the investigating court of Barcelona. ​​​​Joaquín Aguirre. issued an order yesterday in which he notified FC Barcelona and the rest of those investigated. Sandro Maria Grau Albert Soler and father and son. Who also become accused of continued bribery.

With the new criminal type, the first term of Joan

The magistrate believes that he can apply this crime by considering that criminally holds the status of public official since the Federation is a private entity but with a public function. The Spanish Football Federation has the status of. A person under public law for criminal purposes and its directors. including those who are part of technical commissions Australia Phone Number Database must be consider public officials for criminal purposes. He points out. If confirmed, it would be the first time in history that a Federation official is considered a public official and accused of bribery. In the case of vice president of the Technical Committee of Referees.

The crime of bribery punishes the official who accepts money

With the application of this criminal offense, those investigated could face longer prison sentences. Sports corruption carried a maximum penalty of four years in prison while bribery reached six. The statute of limitations for . The crime is longer and the investigation could extend until. Reaching the first term of Joan a fact that could force the China Phone Number List current president to parade through the courts alongside and . However, it is still early for that. First of all, the appeals that the lawyers of those investigated against this decision. Will present must be resolve and one of the parties must demand that be char.

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