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To send a discount code to mothers via email. To get a good conversion rate, you will have to send customized emails based on the mothers’ buying habits. It will be advisable for your email marketing manager to divide the mailing lists based on the data acquired from your CRM. Such as age of mother or child. Even images have their power of persuasion .photos where people are wearing or using the product you want to sell. Never show the products alone. 

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What is important is not only the object you sell, but the context in which it is used. However, the advice to always keep in mind is always and only that: work on the subject Shandong Mobile Phone Number List of the email because it will be the one that will decide whether it will be opened. Consulting-Digital-Marketing-launch-company-Easy-Web-Marketing 7. Social Media Marketing and digital marketing strategy Over the past five years, social networks have grown frighteningly and exponentially. Just think that 3,600 photos were posted on Instagram in 2012 in 60 seconds. Today there are over.

Digital marketing strategy

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Posts per second. Instagram growth last year Easy Web Marketing Nicola Onida Web copywriter  of posts published, shares, stories or tweets on social BH Leads networks. But the fact that if you don’t control social networks, nobody knows you . The widespread diffusion of social networks in our daily lives is now palpable. This opens more than one window to selling on social media or at least to building or enhancing the brand .

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