The first thing to think about when producing relevant

Shoes  content for your website or blog is to put yourself in the position of your audience, that is, understand your website visitor’s moment and direct your message directly to them. The more intimate and personal the language adopted, the better, as this will create a more welcoming environment and psychologically, it will make the reader more receptive to your message.

Put yourself on the same

Level of knowledge as the reader A very common mistake, especially here in Brazil, is for the author to put himself on a pedestal and end up creating Cayman Island WhatsApp Number List a text where the “God of Knowledge” speaks to the ignorant plebs. If you want to drive readers away, this is the way to go. How to create relevant content for your website if you already create a communication barrier from the start? When you place.

Yourself on a level

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Equal to that of your interlocutor, you break a barrier to the assimilation of the message you intend to convey. 5 – Don’t put SEO above everything else A BH Leads very common mistake among content teams is to place the SEO process – Search Engine Optimization, above any other objective. Of course, being well positioned on search engine response pages is important, but, as mentioned earlier, the focus should be your website visitor.

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