Prominent presence on the response pages of

How to increase online sales if people can’t find. Your business or the solutions you offer? You need to be easily found. So you can sell more. Currently, the most valuable asset in. The world is people’s attention, and that’s why you need to invest heavily in having a search engines like Google or on the main social networks.

In search engines

This is what we technically call Search Marketing. That is, strategies for your website to be listed prominently in searches carried out in major search Cambodia WhatsApp Number List engines. such as Google, for example, the solution is to use SEO techniques to gain top positions in the organic, non-paid results of search engine response pages.

The Google Ads program

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The other option is to make use of ads. Such as those from  which make your site be listed in. The first positions, in the ads area. When someone searches BH Leads for keywords that you will indicate on the Google platform. The third option, in this case, for local physical businesses, is to use Google My Business, a free Google tool aimed at small and medium-sized local businesses.

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