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So let’s take a look at what we can do to create an. SEO Project that helps us achieve our goals. Steps of an SEO project A good SEO project must be detailed down to the smallest detail. Since the creation and implementation of a true SEO strategy involves several steps and each one of them depends directly on the previous step.

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Positions on the response pages of search engines. Like Google is not an easy task and therefore it is necessary to plan each step.  5 stages: So let’s see. What each of these Malaysia WhatsApp Number List stages of the SEO project consists of so that you can get a sense of how this process takes place. 1 – Analysis It is the stage of the SEO project in of the environment in which we will work, needs, objectives and available budget.

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Seo course It is a stage of evaluating. The project and the implications involved. We must understand in what scenario we will be current and what are the resources BH Leads and limitations. Studying the feasibility of implementing the SEO strategy is fundamental, as we are often faced with situations in which changes are necessary that are often not identified in a first approach.

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