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Sentiment analysis is one of the analytical data. In addition, here you will find information on: Breakdown of results by source; about you. The most popular hashtags; The context of the discussion. How to start looking for insights using mia monitoring? All you have to do is set up a project for the select keyword. On its basis, the tool will search the web to find publicly available mentions of this topic. It can be the name of the brand, products, campaigns, a brand hashtag and basically anything relat to your industry. Try Brand24 for free for 14 days – CREATE A TEST ACCOUNT PRO TIP: To increase the chance of finding valuable insights.

The context of finding insights

A good way is to monitor the competition . Using Brand24, you can reach the customers’ opinions of your industry rivals in exactly the same way as by monitoring your own brand. In the monitor words, all you have to do is enter phrases relat to the database competition – brand name, campaign name, their company hashtag, etc. Thanks to this, you will easily notice the competition’s weaknesses and learn how customers perceive their products. HotJar HotJar is a tool that provides information about customers who have found your website. Thanks to it, you will learn how users really use your website.


Completely get rid of all guesswork

Such knowlge it will be much easier for BH Leads you to optimize your website for the best conversion. The biggest distinguishing feature of the tool in are: heat maps and recording customer behavior on the website. While heat maps are great for determining elements on the website are the most popular, thanks to the recordings you can c and check what exactly the customer is doing on your website.

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