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Profile of the the pur posese lecteprocessing of my personal data. Older versions of the terms are invalid. Including an older version of the terms in your CV is a mistake that could have serious consequences Including an older version of the Personal Data Processing Consent in your CV may result in our recruitment files being rejectefrom the outset. Start. If the content of the old terms.

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This can happen if the requirements set out in are not met voluntarily are not clear specific. Without appropriate resume clauses recruiters may consider that there is no reason to process the personal data reject the documents. Personal data protection Bolivia Cell Phone Number List specialist at the Personal Data Protection Office. This includes the following clause templates which will be completely obsolete by the year. Outdateresume Clause I consent to the processing of my personal data for the purposes necessary to carry out the recruitment process in accordance with the consolidatetext of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data on the date of year month legal journal year project. If this formula still appears on your resume be sure to change it to this entry.

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The current version of the item. In this article you will Bolivia WhatsApp Number read more about Do you want to know more about the Act its impact on the recruitment process Read the Regulation Guide. Staff Recruitment Currently the terms in English German only apply to Europe. However. Provisions are only requirein certain EU countries. But if you write an English resume for a foreign company operating in Pol you must also include a clause in it. What is the right thing to do What are the correct English resume terms What are the correct English resume terms Comply with the English resume terms. I hereby consent to the processing of my personal data by the company name for the purpose of considering me for the reference number.

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