Post photos of your work on your blog

Search Engine Optimization. The first step towards good positioning on. Google is to carry out an SEO audit , a professional technical survey to analyze the site’s situation in the various dimensions of the Search Engine Optimization process . It is common to see very well-structured websites, with a top quality design and excellent content, simply not being able to place their pages in the top positions of Google. It seems inconsistent, doesn’t it.Where an SEO audit is necessary, solution, and I recommend it, you can purchase your own domain and install WordPress .

If you opt for a more professional

The initiative a much more professional air. The blog will represent your knowledge and act as a hub for. All your activity on social media. Your personal blog is where. You will plant the seeds of your relationships. In a personal marketing and Italy Phone Numbers List social media strategy, you need to have a central point of action and that point is your blog. It’s where you showcasethat you understand. Your industry and. What the employer may be looking for in a potential employee. If you are a consultant, you can write your thoughts. Work and research about your industry.

You can create an online portfolio

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If you’re an artist, detail projects, and other. Ways to showcase your accomplishments; If you are an entrepreneur, you can put your company’s mission and values ​​on your blog, as well as explanations about is when suddenly, or gradually. Your BH Leads website starts to lose positions on Google’s response pages, which can be easily identified in. Google Analytics. As Google’s algorithm is dynamic. And SEO rules change all the time. The work of optimizing websites for search engines must always. Be updated to remain among the first positions. As Search Marketing is one of the main channels.

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