Notes on parliamentary normalization in Venezuela, tensions with Guyana and the behavior of the pandemic

With this newsletter we return to the path we began last year. Whose purpose is to succinctly present the main events that took place in Venezuela. In a period of one week; as well as keys to the analysis of these events. Which we hope will allow for a greater understanding of the Venezuelan dynamics and the Bolivarian revolution.  Especially for colleagues who are outside our country and with whom we promote solidarity between peoples. In this first installment, we allow ourselves to review the events so far this year. Which represents a greater challenge in the synthesis of the facts.

Chavismo recovers the National Assembly

That said, it is maintained that the most relevant news to date is related to legislative normalization. Whose milestone is the installation of the new parliamentary Greece WhatsApp Number Data period. At the international level, tensions are rising in relation to the border dispute with the Cooperative. Republic of Guyana, following the decision of the International Court of Justice to declare. Itself competent to hear the dispute, which has generated a comprehensive offensive from the State. Venezuelan to continue promoting a bilateral resolution. Since , when the Venezuelan opposition as a bloc democratically won the majority in parliament, a legislative dynamic characterized by putting the partisan interests of the opposition to Chavismo before those of the country began to develop.

Notes on parliamentary normalization in Venezuela

This orientation has led to countless situations that show a legislative disorder, an example of which is the fact that until now, it is one of the periods with the fewest laws discussed Italy WhatsApp Number List and approved. In such a way that in the political sphere, the most relevant event of this beginning of the year, as expected, has been the installation of the new legislative period of the National Assembly, by the deputies who were elected last December. This is how parliamentary normalization is perceived as extraordinary, after turbulent years, promoted by the opposition to Chavismo in our country, as I have just pointed out.

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