NordVPN makes its products available under open source licenses

NordVPN is launching three products with an open source license. This decision coincides with the launch of three Meshnet features and shows our commitment to transparency and community collaboration. Tik Tok Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube Laura Klusaitė Laura Klusaitė Mar. Min read NordVPN makes its products available under open source licenses The entire application for Linux. Libtelio, a networking library used by NordVPN apps across all operating systems. Libdrp, a library used to share files over Meshnet . And what does this mean, exactly? We are opening these elements so that they can be examined, changed and distributed by anyone who wants.

What will remain open source?

If, for example, you think that NordVPN’s Linux application could have its functionality improved and changed in some way, you can test the code and create your own version. Related Netherlands WhatsApp Number Data articles O HOME SURVEILLANCE What is LAN: understand everything about local networks Jul , · min reading NordVPN NEW FEATURES introducest Jun , · min read Why are we doing this? We make these products open source as a gesture of our commitment to transparency and honesty. We want to count on the dedication and honesty of the coding community and show that we have confidence in the programs we offer. This step also shows our strong belief in collaborative progress.

The benefits of open source

The app development and cybersecurity community is full of talented programmers who test and share their perspectives on our applications. Open source Libtelio is very important, mainly Brazil Telegram Number because this code forms the backbone of all our NordVPN applications, not just the client created for Linux. Getting this material into the hands of the Linux community, one of the most important open source communities working, encourages talented coders and developers to analyze our code and make our service even better. And, simply put, we want as many people as possible to benefit from the products we develop and, by open sourcing, we can advance this mission. This is the same motivation that led us to make our Meshnet functionality completely free for all users.

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