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The service is free, which without. A doubt is already a strong reason for. You to register your company in the tool. And thereby be able to advertise for free on. Google in situations such as search pages and Google Maps. As we said earlier. digital marketing tools , this is one that simply cannot be missing, especially for brick-and-mortar businesses.

In terms of small business

When creating a file , as a company profile on Google My Business is called, you can register information such as:  opening hours Payment methods Thailand WhatsApp Number List Other information about the business One of the secrets to gain relevance for a listing on Google My Business and, with that, to have your company more prominent in searches is to fill in all the information available in the various forms and fields offered by the platform.

Now that you know

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The advantages of Google My Business what Google My Business is, it’s time to analyze its advantages and importance in a digital marketing strategy, many BH Leads  of which go unnoticed by the layman’s eye of small entrepreneurs. The first advantage is precisely to get a super privileged exposure right on the first page of Google.

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