This means that businesses must obtain explicit

Protect consumers from unwanted telemarketing calls and faxes. In 2012, the TCPA was amended to include text messages, which are now considered a form of telemarketing. Under the TCPA, businesses are required to obtain prior express written consent from consumers. Before sending them text messages for marketing purposes.  Permission from each individual. Before adding them to their text marketing list.

Businesses can use various

To obtain consent,  methods. Such as having customers opt-in to their text marketing program via a web form, a mobile app, or a text message. The opt-in Philippines Mobile Number List process must be clear and conspicuous, and customers must be informed of the frequency of messages they will receive and how to opt-out at any time. Businesses must also provide an easy and free way for customers to opt-out of receiving text messages. While obtaining consent is a necessary step for businesses to comply with the TCPA, it also benefits them in.

The long run

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By obtaining explicit permission, businesses can ensure that their text messages are being sent to a receptive audience who are interested in their BH Leads products or services. This, in turn, leads to higher engagement rates and a better return on investment (ROI) for the business. Once businesses have obtained consent from their customers, they can begin to use text marketing as a way to communicate with them. There are many ways to use text marketing, such as sending promotional offers, discounts, appointment reminders, event invitations.

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