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Dean type of guy who is looking for some kind of acceptance and uses his aggression as a defense mechanism. Molly Ringwald starr in three of Hughes’s films, the other two being Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink.  show the ugly and shallow side of the popular lady. Ally Shey is great fun playing a compulsive liar and thief who takes a long time to open up. Anthony Michael Hall looks like a geek but his performance is the least impressive of the five leads. Brian has a hard time breaking away from the stereotype he finds himself in at the beginning of the movie.

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John Hughes once again brilliantly captures the rebellious and nonconformist spirit of teenagers with timeless gravitas and laugh-out-loud dialogue. He basically did it all in just UAE Telegram Number Data one set. The Breakfast Club goes one step further by showing a unique understanding of the interactions of young actors and teenagers, or at least an unusual look at those unsettling times of transition and the struggle to leave a mark and forge an identity. Interesting presentation. Hughes’s unusually deep command of relevant harmonies and language, or his directing skills being particularly attun to the often improvis cast, is further aid by a funky score.

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Memorable song. Even the janitor play by John Kapelos has some interesting things going on. The abuse of aging in movies has never been stronger. The Last Word: The USA Phone Number List Breakfast Club has been prais for going beyond the safe and prictable plot of most teen movies. Writer-director John Hughes has a keen sense of irony about middle America and the film has some smart social and personal insights. Yet I consider it a cult classic because of its iconic music and star-studd cast rather than its story. While I enjoy the movie it wasn’t action-pack and much of the movie focus on the interactions and revelations of the students.

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