Monitor your results Knowing how to put a website on the first

This is perhaps one of the most difficult stages of SEO work today, because in fact, no one is going to be putting “olives in your pie” , creating links to your website out of thin air. Quality content obviously helps to get other sites to link to you, but you can also rely on social networks and other sources of links available on the Internet. Just don’t forget one thing.

Always look for quality

Links, that is, from sites with a high Domain Authority and within the same semantic field as your site, that is, sites that have a central theme compatible Bolivia WhatsApp Number List with yours. 7 –  page of Google and keep it there is something else entirely. Therefore, create a good system for monitoring your positions and , as a website is a dynamic element.

Evolution in terms of ranking

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There are several digital marketing tools that can help you in this mission. SemRush , in addition to being one of the best tools for search marketing, can BH Leads also help with this function. It is also important that you create monthly reports with technical indicators, such as Domain Authority, number of backlinks, number of IPs pointing to your site and other efficiency indicators.

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