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On the internet and buying in the store, or the other way around. In reality, there is no longer a physical store or virtual store, the consumer is multichannel. Perhaps you have already heard about the OMNI Channel concept , which is precisely this exchange and interaction between sales channels. The COVID-19 pandemic itself showed that this digital marketing strategy for small e for the survival of many small businesses.

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Online Marketing For Small Business  mistakes in digital marketing for small businesses is not measuring access to your website and consumer Malta WhatsApp Number List behavior within it. Therefore, this is a priority. The good news is that you can do this for free, through a tool called Google Analytics , where you can sign up and immediately start monitoring various activities on your website. This tool will allow you to identify.

Where users are coming from

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What they are seeing on your website and many other pieces of information that can be of great use to your business. For example, you can direct your sales BH Leads efforts to a product that is being accessed and sought after, or understand about another product that is not accessed. Much of the Marketing strategy can arise from analysis of these tools. Even better, it is through Google Analytics that you.

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