A business can label customers

Businesses can create broadcast lists of up to 256 contacts and send messages to all of them at once. This is a great way to send promotions or updates to a group of customers without having to individually message each one. Labels: Businesses can use labels to categorize their customers and create targeted campaigns. For example.

Marketing To make the most

Who have purchased a specific product and send them a promotion for a related product. Quick Replies: Businesses can create quick replies to frequently asked questions, such Paraguay WhatsApp Number List as store hours or product information. This can save time and improve customer satisfaction. Automated Messages: Businesses can set up automated messages to send to customers who have opted in to receive messages.

WhatsApp for text marketing

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For example, a business can send a welcome message to new subscribers or a confirmation message after a purchase. Tips for Effective WhatsApp  of  businesses BH Leads should follow some best practices: Obtain Consent: Before sending any marketing messages, businesses should obtain consent from their customers. This can be done by including an opt-in message on.

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