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HubSpot reports that 38% of business decision-makers contact a supplier after seeing a branded video. 4 – In virtual stores, videos increase the conversion rate Videos in online stores increase the conversion rate of product detail pages by up to 40%, a considerable addition, don’t you think?  a product than a short video showing its details and functionality. Therefore, digital marketing for virtual stores currently.

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Whether in the store itself or in marketing actions on social networks. 5 – Video content works well on all devices One of the biggest trends driving El Salvador WhatsApp Number List the world of digital marketing today is responsive design. When content doesn’t work well on all devices, marketing efforts are compromised and their effectiveness diminishes. Fortunately, video content is suitable for consumption on all devices.

From computers to

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Mobile phones. This amplifies the reach of video and makes it easier to use. 6 – Video marketing helps strengthen your brand message When you incorporate BH Leads the use of video into your digital marketing plan , you have the perfect opportunity to enhance your brand message and drive communication. Through simple features like design and branding, and more advanced features like voice and content.

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