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Every day millions of people do searches on Google and other search engines. Being well placed on the response pages to these surveys is essential for you to get good exposure for your site. To achieve good positioning in search engines, you have two options. The first is to pay to be there, in what we call Sponsored Links , like Google ads.

what we call Organic Results

The other option is to win a place in. That is, non-paid results, whose placement on. The answer pages is determined by their relevance and other factors that we will see Oman WhatsApp Number List throughout this article. In this case, to obtain these positions it is necessary that the website and its pages undergo a process of website  engines, which we technically call SEO, the acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

Optimization for search

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So that you can better understand what the process of optimizing websites for search engines is ,  asked questions in this area, such as: 1 – What is the purpose of optimizing BH Leads websites for search engines? 2 – What is search engine optimization? 3 – In which cases do we apply website optimization techniques? 4 – How does website optimization.

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