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There are several options for advertising a company on Google , but in this article we will restrict ourselves to search marketing, since talking about all the options would easily yield an entire book. As I said earlier, search marketing is the  marketing, be it lead capture or the sale of  in the case of e-commerce. Therefore, it is one of the first aspects to be taken.

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Into account when creating a digital marketing. Strategy for any brand. Being found on Google is essential for the success of any company that Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List intends to make the internet a strong channel of dissemination. You know that story about those who are not seen are not remembered? Even more. It’s not enough just to be listed on Google’s answer pages.

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Relevant position on the answer pages. As most people don’t go beyond the first page of Google. To learn more about this aspect of listing. A business BH Leads on Google, we suggest. You read our article How to Stand Out on Google . Options for advertising a business on Google In our Digital Marketing Course, we started the search marketing module, also known as Search Engine Marketing – SEM.

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