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Guide It has also been notethat narcissism obsessive-compulsive personality may be relateto workaholism. Another factor that contributes to this phenomenon is a highly competitive work environment where employees are expecteto have unrealistic goals overcommitment to tasks. Igor Rotberg. Psychologist psychotherapist Symptoms effects of workaholism But when does a dedicateemployee become a workaholic Which symptoms should we start worrying about Here are the most common work addiction symptoms of workaholics: Sees work as a compulsion. He works for work He is motivateby the fear of losing his status. He is often inefficient. He focuses on details.

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Perfectionist He doesnt accept mistakes He hides them He lets work take over every area of ​​his life He always thinks he has lost friends at work He doesnt trust anyone The excitement of work gives him energy Doesnt feel tirecant delegate tasks Likes to be alone Physical discomfort at work. Such as headaches. Stomachaches. Etc. Of course. These are only the early symptoms of workaholism. This issue is complex individual. The behavior of a person addicteto Nepal Cell Phone Number List work may be vieweas something of value to an observer such as a boss when it comes to symptoms. However such a person is certainly not an ideal employee as he or she faces burnout health issues.

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The risk of problems. Workaholism may also manifest as an increaserisk of depression including suicidal thoughts. Physical problems such as sleep disturbances or headaches. A decrease in health-promoting behaviors relateto physical activity. A decrease in Nepal WhatsApp Number nutrition-relatecognitive effectiveness due to fatigue. Limitations in goals unrelateto work. An increasefocus on the material aspects of life. Conflicts in the personal sphere in contact with loveones are not uncommon. Igor Rotberg Psychologist Psychotherapist If a workaholic does not seek treatment his condition may enter a critical phase then a chronic addiction phase. Untreateworkaholism in its final stages can lead to even impatience with co-workers.

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