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The Meta Tag Title will be. The title of your snippet on the Google Answers page, and. It needs to be both thought-provoking, to generate clicks, and contain your keyword in focus. The title tag is a powerful snippet click generation tool. 3 – Meta Tag Description The Meta Tag Description is the description of your site that will be listed on  your keyword in focus. A good meta description is essential for.

Through rate on the results page

Your website to have a high click-. 4 – Tag Line. We can call the line tag the title of your page. Also in this case, it needs to be thought-provoking, to Thailand WhatsApp Number List stimulate the reading of the content and contain your keyword, with the H1 heading tag, to mark the content that you will address on your page. 5 – Titles and subtitles Google interprets well-organized text as a usability factor, so create titles and subtitles.

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Using H2 and H3 tags to identify these divisions. experience when accessing your website. 6 – Emphasis tags Text emphasis tags such as BH Leads bold, italics and underline are also interpreted as keyword indicators, so always put your keyword in focus at least once with these tags. 7 – Lists Another text element that Google sees as a sign of good content is lists, such as bullets or numbers. Therefore.

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