Global supply chains, the terminals of their successive

Subcontracting reach the last corner of emerging countries and where the defense. Of the dignity of work has a more evident urgency and significance. Throughout the document. Objectives are set out that could lead to certain improvements in the living and working. Conditions of the European working class. But we forget that to achieve them we must consciously assume that Europe is not an island isolated from the rest of the world. But rather a part of it that depends largely on the production of emerging countries. Whether we understand it or not, whether we want to understand it or not. No, labor rights in Europe end up being closely interrelated. With their defense and respect throughout the planet.

Understanding this interrelationship is increasingly

The central issue in the defense of labor rights, of fundamental human rights, in our Europe. In fact, it is going to be essential for the defense of the “European social South Africa WhatsApp Number Data model”, and, unfortunately. It still seems difficult for it to be assumed by important sectors of European trade unionism. Its management bodies, beyond phrases of style in some documents. When the ETUC considers, again in this document, the importance of developing the European Pillar of Social Rights. it does so in the same terms and with the same limitations as when it began to be talked about. This was expressed about years ago at the th ETUC Congress. Held in Vienna in May and to which I already referred at that time.

The pandemic has been a wake-up call to the world

Globalization, to developed and emerging countries. The pandemic has been a wake-up call to the world, to globalization, to developed and emerging countries. It has Iran Telegram Number brought problems and contagions closer, and, precisely for this reason, it has also brought closer the necessary solutions that can no longer be partial, local. The isolation of every corner of the world is surely only possible after a catastrophe, nuclear or otherwise, such as those imagined by Asimov. The “ more balanced social and economic governance of the EU ”, advocated by the ETUC in this October document, will only be possible within the framework of a new global governance.

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