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Get in touch with my emotions Seeing accepting them as they really are for us at a given moment recognizing their importance reality allows us to relax within ourselves see reality more clearly. For example. Something that was originally threatening or scary suddenly becomes motivating or interesting. Meditation allows us to disconnect from reality by connecting with ourselves the truth of a given moment which is priceless in todays hectic times. Health coaches counselors simply focus on the present moment to reduce perceivestress levels. But meditation can give you so much more. Once you lower your stress levels it works wonders.

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Starts to happen. Scientifically Proven Benefits of Meditation Improveimmune system function Increasefeelings of positive emotions Reducedepression anxiety Increasecreativity Decreasefeelings of stress Enhanceability to control emotions Improvememory mental abilities Improveability to multitask These are already obvious benefits that will translate to you Kenya Cell Phone Number List Work Results Cal Newport. In his book Deep Work. Predicts that maximum concentration will be the most important skill of the century. Only those who can achieve above-average results at work will be able to achieve above-average results. Today we are bombardewith advertising from all directions.

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Competing for our attention. There are also social media message notifications phone calls. We can focus on these chores all day long without actually doing anything useful. At the end of a day like this youll be thinking Im not idle at the end of the day the most Kenya WhatsApp Number important thing at work is your productivity. How does this relate to meditation Meditation can help you achieve what is calledeep work. You can achieve more by being able to focus on current matters. You focus on your work which makes you more efficient. According to the quality of work. Time spent focused. As you can see. Concentration translates into work quality.

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