How much of your advertising budget should you spend on Facebook advertising

Let’s talk numbers. Since it’s about deciding how much of your advertising budget to allocate to facebook ads, we’ll refrain from giving general advice. I won’t tell you that 5% of your budget should go into zuckerberg’s pocket. The amount of spending depends on what you can afford and what your business goals are. That’s where the numbers come in. We’re going to share marketing formulas that will tell you personally how much money you should be spending on facebook ads. These same formulas are useful even if your facebook. Advertising budget is 100₾ per week and if you spend 10,000₾ per week. It’s all in the numbers and we’ll show you them in detail below.

Don’t spend all your money on Facebook

Get to know our service: facebook page management and get the best terms of service. Marketing formulas to figure out your facebook ad budget your facebook advertising budget. Isn’t a number you Canada Telegram Number Data pluck out of the sky after taking a deep breath from wimmy hoff. This is the number that comes from engaging the logical side of your brain and working with the data. We don’t want to be a math teacher, but having a calculator ready is a good idea. Here are the formulas you can use to figure out how much you can afford to spend on facebook ads based on what your products cost.

Marketing formulas to figure out your Facebook ad budget

After we go over these formulas. We’ll share an example so you can see them in action. The first formula will be your return on ad spend (roas). Your return on ad spend shows you how much you Australia Telegram Number earn per $1 spent on ads. Let’s find out return on ad spend (roas): return on ad spend = revenue / cost for example. If you spent 250 gel on ads and received 1000₾ income, you will get 4₾ return for 1 gel invested in facebook ads. The second formula is your return on investment (roi). Your roi is what you earned after taking out the money you invested in advertising.

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