Downplaying the phenomenon of workaholism

Downplaying the phenomenon of workaholism. Why because they believe that the determining factor of success in career even in life is working very hard. However. They dont know that being dedicateto their duties working overtime from time to time is not always synonymous with being a workaholic. The issue is much more complex workaholism can have tragic consequences if left untreated. From this article you will learn what is workaholism definition statistics research workaholism possible causes symptoms effects how to treat work addiction how workaholism can get help from family members. Do you want to write your resume instantly Use our creator where you can find the tools for completing it.

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Business templates practical tips Create your resume in Morocco Cell Phone Number List this minute Resume Templates See additional templates to create a resume download the document here. The following is the opinion of one of the users of our creator. Thanks to such a great resume letter I found a great job very quickly. What is a workaholism Statistics research. First of all. As psychologist psychotherapist Igo As Rotberg explains to us. There is no single definition of workaholism. Yet psychologists most commonly describe the phenomenon as workaholism. A compulsive desire to work associatewith increasing self-esteem through constant work.

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Guan also expects to thereby reduce negative emotions sets unrealistically high stards for himself experiences an unrealistically high stard. There is a Morocco WhatsApp Number feeling of permanent failure in achieving your goals. Igor Rotberg Psychologist Psychotherapist Sometimes we might think that anyone who works overtime is already a workaholic. At the same time. We can also be sure that workaholism has nothing to do with working hours but to do with the attitude towards work. Workaholism is not the same as hard work. It is associatewith a pathological preoccupation with work. People who are obsessewith work are fillewith fear anxiety. They are constantly dissatisfiewith their work often feel depressed. Statistics.


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