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What do you ne to pay attention to Look at the overall style of the fe Examine the types of content post Pay attention to the color palette adopt Determine the grid for the fe A truly fundamental element of the fe is the composition of its grid. In fact there are different types of grids on Instagram lets discover them all A single pattern it is the simplest fe and the least professional because it is compos of images stylistically unrelat to each other unit only by the same format and possibly the same filter. Checkerboard grid consists of choosing two primary formats to alternate when publishing content.

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This model although rather simple makes the page more coherent and harmonious from a visual point of view. Lin structure ideal for those who publish frequently. With this grid we focus on triptychs of posts that deal with the same topic and maintain Spain TG Number Data the same tones for a magazine or comicbook style effect in which each line tells a different story. Column model this grid is also quite simple to maintain and helps to give a rather original effect. Be careful with the frequency of publication though The column model can prove to be quite restrictive.

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Which is why it is always important to have a good itorial plan that helps keep everything under control. Rainbow fe it is a structure that certainly requires more planning but from a graphic point of view. To obtain this you ne to assign a color to each post Spain WhatsApp Number List by making an accurate color transition from one to the other. Fram Pattern hues that clash with each other. Or on the contrary are that can be confus with each other Add borders and frames to each post and youll get a tidy simple and effective fe. Puzzle it is a set of photographs which once shar will publish a larger image.

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