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Do they studies Keep your ideal nes in mind and type in the keywords you would like to see your business appear for. The results return by the search engine are none other than your top competitors. Therefore select companies that offer products or services similar to yours that operate in the geographical area of your interest and are aim at the same audience segment as you. Collect information on competitors Once you have drawn up a list of competitors you can proce with the actual analysis. First ask yourself What services do they offer And at what price How do they distribute what they sell. Do they sell in volumes or one product at a time.

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Do they sell online or offline What is their target How and on which channels do they set up their communication online offline social How do they differ from others What are their strengths prices Advertising Service and what are their Saudi Arabia TG Number Data weaknesses What is their sales strategy Do they adopt particular marketing techniques adv SEO content marketing. Competitors sales and marketing strategies Identifying the sales strategies of your competitors may not be easy. Which is why we point out some questions that will help you do so. How does the sales process work. Are there partners suppliers or vendors involv Which sales channels are us.

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Do they have a dicat

Are products or services discount often Are there physical stores. If yes how many and where If and when customers decide not to buy your products anymore. Why do they stop doing so By answering these questions you will understand. What your competitors offer and how they have set up their work. At this point you can begin to evaluate Saudi Arabia Phone Number List how you can offer better. To analyze your competitions marketing strategies however it is essential to observe your competitors websites and ask yourself these questions. Do they use infographics to present their products or services FAQ section  Do they write sponsor articles.

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