Why is video content necessary

When most people think of video content, they think of netflix, youtube, tiktok, or even instagram reels. What you may not consider is just how big an impact . Can have video content on your website. Read on to find out why creating website video content should be one of your top priorities. The digital age has changed, which means that. Audiences are more likely to watch a video about your business or organization than read text. Website content helps seo seo optimization (1) what are the two largest search engines. This is number one – google, but the second one might surprise you.

Website video content helps SEO

This is youtube ! . And guess who owns youtube? Of course – google. This means that when you optimize your youtube channel and videos, . You are taking great steps towards developing an Poland WhatsApp Number Data seo strategy. From there, you can embed youtube videos on your website, giving you an advantage in the seo world. As an added seo bonus, website video content also keeps your visitors engaged for longer . It also tells google that your website is important enough to show it to more people. Pro tip: add keywords, descriptions and tags to your youtube videos to optimize your content.

Increase the online visibility of the brand

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Website video content allows you to clearly communicate with your audience and tell them exactly what you want to share. Your website visitors only read 20% of your content, . To find the information they need before moving on to something else. In such cases, you need small pieces of content to keep them interested Australia WhatsApp Number List and stay on your website for longer. Here are some essential statistics about content and its impact: on average. 88% of internet users spend more time watching video on a website. More than 54% of potential customers want to see more , . Rather than asking a website for textual information. At least 80% of marketers claim that video content on their website helps them increase engagement.

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