Important SEO Tips for Shopify Email For commerce platform

However, e-commerce seo can be a little different than optimizing other sites. From site structure to structured data. It’s important to pay attention to how seo factors work when using shopify. Using these seo elements increases the likelihood of traffic and sales to your website from search engines like google , yahoo , and bing . However. Some factors need more attention than others below are 12 key tips to consider to improve the seo of your shopify store. Remove duplicate content from your shopify store. Create a unique page title and write a meta description for your pages. Optimize your store images. Link your products page from the home page. Technical seo is mandatory for shopify.

How to change meta titles and descriptions on Shopify

Canonical tag and domain canonicalization. Add your sitemap.Xml to google search console. Google analytics integration. Build high-quality links to your shopify store. Don’t ignore 301 redirects to old Taiwan WhatsApp Number Data product pages install the free product review app. Configure the blog feature in your shopify platform. 1. Remove duplicate content from your store duplicate content generally refers to text that completely matches text on another web page. This page can be your own or someone else’s. For any shopify website, duplicate content can be a disaster if detected by search engines like google. Bing and yahoo or others. Although search engines are quite tolerant of internal duplication.

Create a unique page title and write a meta description for your pages

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External duplication where it may appear that you have copied text from another site. May have a negative impact on search engine rankings and your store may be penalized by search engines. Many shopify stores have duplicate content. The good news is that if you fix the problem. It can have a positive impact on Australia WhatsApp Number List your search performance. How do you find run tests and checks as often as possible to make sure all your content is 100% unique. Fortunately, there are tools like the copyscape plagiarism checker that can quickly detect external duplicate content. To detect text on our site that might appear duplicated in a search engine. The semrush site audit bot points to pages with 80% similar content.

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