Can reviews bring you new customers

Review marketing strategy to increase purchase conversion rate. Part 4, review-based sns marketing ‘review marketing strategy Can reviews bring to increase purchase conversion rate’ series 1. Do shopping mall reviews really help with purchase conversion rate? 2. Is there a way to collect a lot of video/photo reviews? 3. How to show reviews that increase conversion rate more effectively. ‘review-based sns marketing’ that achieves results with high reliability as a weapon hello. This is josh, a marketer at v review. An e-commerce company’s purchase conversion rate increase partner. ‍ in the final 4th part of the review marketing strategy series to increase purchase conversion rate that many people have been interested in.

Rules to follow in review-based SNS marketing

We are going to talk about ‘review-based sns marketing’ . In the previous three pieces of content. We focused on improving the purchasing experience inside the shopping mall and increasing conversion rates through our customers’ reviews, but now we Philippines Phone Number Data will introduce how to create ‘quality traffic’ with review content . Example of sns advertisement based on actual buyer reviews. Source: facebook ad library why should you use reviews as creative. “reviews from actual buyers have 10 times more influence on. Purchases than advertisements or recommendations from the shopping mall itself” – global consulting firm ‘mckinsey & company’ sns.

Products with a very long repurchase cycle or no repurchase 

Marketing that uses reviews as advertising material has a huge advantage in terms of ‘reliability’ . In other words, we can position Austria Phone Number List ourselves as a ‘trustworthy brand & product’ even before customers access our brand site. in an increase in ‘quality traffic’. Which has a low bounce rate and is advantageous in terms of conversion rate . These advantages have greater value in the recent marketing environment. Where it is difficult to expect targeted advertising results . The fall of the targeted advertising era as target advertising performance has deteriorated. It has become more difficult to generate ‘quality traffic’.

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