Brazilian digital environment in 2018

The issue of electoral political marketing. Will certainly take hold of the Since the Obama campaign in 2008, digital political marketing has gained an unquestionable dimension in the planning of any political campaign in the world, and in the next major elections in Brazil, the electorate should know a more mature version of political marketing on the Internet, especially after the June demonstrations.  for Social Networks Although many people seem to have forgotten, electoral political marketing based not only on promoting a candidacy, but also on creating points of contact with the population.

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The important thing for candidates and campaign coordinators . To prepare their electoral marketing campaigns on the internet now so that they have effective results at election time, after all, the 2014 electoral calendar has already been defined. There UK Mobile Number List no point in running around in recent weeks trying to sensitize the electorate through social networks . this relationship built over time and needs to be something continuous.  In the 2016 elections, electoral political marketing in Brazil evolved a lot in some points. A good example of this was the candidacy of Marina Silva, who masterfully used social networks to create Onda Verde.

Revamped political election marketing

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Which undoubtedly contributed significantly to. The more than 20 million votes obtained in the first round of the presidential elections. In 2014, it expected that electoral political marketing strategies will use social media even more intensively, but BH Leads with much more professionalism. The problem we have seen that, with rare exceptions, the modeling of political marketing campaigns on the Internet quite behind schedule, with very few candidates preparing the ground for the most intense phase of electoral campaigns.

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