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Managing social networks efficiently has become a major challenge. In the current scenario, digital marketers specializing in social media management are among the most sought after and also among the highest paid on the market. Unfortunately, many companies still confuse the social media manager with the person in charge of posting on these channels. This is a very simplistic view of the role of this professional. Of course.

A social media manager can

Also take care of publishing posts and other content on different channels, but this is just one of the functions of this professional. In fact, its main China WhatsApp Number List function is the strategic planning of social media management. It means creating attraction, relationship and conversion strategies and adapting them to different channels.

Social media management

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In addition,  also involves monitoring results and analyzing the conversion rates of the various actions that we can create on these channels. In order BH Leads to clarify the role of a social media manager, see below what are the main points involved in this process.  entrepreneur looking for someone to manage your company’s social networks.

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