AI technology with the work of a professional copywriter

With Chat GPT First of all, since Chat GPT uses algorithms. To generate sentences and paragraphs on its own, the text generated may not always be consistent , relevant or appropriate for the target audience. (An irrefutable signal that a human needed to manage the copywriting process.) Secondly. Chat GPT may not be able to understand the tone of voice, style and brand personality with which communication texts for companies are traditionally designed. These are undoubtedly key elements of effective copywriting. We must never forget the need to evaluate the limitations of Chat GPT for copywriting. it not a machine to which you give a command and. You get back a finished copy product, ready to publish and share online. To obtain concrete and tangible results. An approach that combines must be adopted. GPT Chat for Copywriting.

The Chatbot uses predefined rules

Is NOT intended as a green light for the. Wild and automated creation of marketing copy. Chat GPT Consulting-SEO-business-Easy-Web-Marketing GPT Chat vs Chatbot: the differences When we talk about artificial intelligence applied to online conversations, there often confusion Conduit CN between Chat GPT and Chatbot. In reality, the two solutions are different both from a technical and functional point of view. In particular, a Chatbot a computer program designed to simulate a conversation with a human being (and so far ok). But where the real difference?  and scripts to answer user questions. It has no machine learning capability.  by the Chatbot are limited to the options available in its database.

This means that the answers provided

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Conversely, Chat GPT uses an architecture based on neural networks to create a much more natural and fluid conversation. This is possible thanks to the machine learning capability of the system, which uses a vast amount of data to continuously improve its responses. In this way, Chat BH Leads GPT able to understand the context of the conversation , adjust the speech based on requests and questions made on the spot and provide relatively more precise and personalized answers. That said, GPT Chat can be a great solution to improve customer service by integrating it with a Chatbot. Thanks to its machine learning capability, the chatbot can learn from users.

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