But with the added benefit of having a 98% open rate

A business can create a group on Telegram and invite customers to join. This group can be used to send out promotions, updates, and other marketing messages. Customers can also use the group to ask questions and provide feedback. Using the channel feature: Telegram also has a channel feature that allows businesses to broadcast messages to a large number of subscribers. Customers can subscribe to the channel to receive updates and promotions.

This feature is similar to

Email marketing, Sending individual messages: Businesses can also use Telegram to send individual messages to customers. This is useful for sending Cyprus Mobile Number List personalized messages, such as appointment reminders or order confirmations. One of the benefits of using Telegram for text marketing is that it’s free. Businesses can create a group or channel and start sending messages without any additional cost. Another benefit is that Telegram messages have a high open rate.

This means that businesses can

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Be confident that their messages are being seen by their target audience. However, there are some challenges to using Telegram for text BH Leads marketing. One of the challenges is that businesses need to have customers’ phone numbers to invite them to a group or channel. This means that businesses need to have a way to collect phone numbers from customers, such as through a sign-up form on their website or at a physical location. Another challenge is that businesses need to be careful not to spam their customers.

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