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In another article of mine, I explained the importance of target and buyer personas . If you like, you can learn more about it! 2. Set your budget Crucial first step. The assumption is that different budgets correspond to different SEO objectives. Have you already wondered where you want to go with your SEO plan? Brand positioning , generic traffic, conversion -targeted traffic ? A limited budget often means you have to compromise on some areas. Whether you’re self-employed or in an agency, a small budget often means: Lack of time Few resources Little knowledge Money for advanced activities If you’re on a budget, chances are you can’t spend that much time on a serious SEO strategy.

Search and choose keywords

You may not have enough time to do all the things you need to do.  an SEO specialist . If you have a limited SEO budget, your team or internal resources are not that specialized. This can leave room for a number of gaps in the design. A lack of money means you have no resources to Russia Mobile Number List work outside your skill set. Leverage advanced and world-class knowledge to explode your success. It’s a matter of priorities! 3. Keyword Research:   with your product, your service, your brand. In short, everything that would come to the user’s mind when he decides to look for you or to look for something related to your sector. The most widely used method for finding keywords at one time was Google Keyword Planner .

Make a list of keywords associated

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Tool free and available for any Google Ads account. Today the Keyword Planner has changed its structure and some free data once available has been hidden by Google. Today the only way to have a clear picture of the quality of the selected keywords, competition rate, seasonality, average BH Leads cost of the click in the SERP is to rely on a dedicated tool that supports your SEO strategy. In this article I have studied the activity of Keyword Research for SEO Copywriting . In general, it is good to sift through two types of keywords : based on the broad match (general keyword) or on the extended match (long-tail keyword). General keywords do not specify the target of interest.

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