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What is social media monitoring. Monitoring social networks is often confused. With monitoring results on social networks. But they are actually very different things. When we measure the results of marketing campaigns on social networks We are focused on very specific technical metrics, such as: Evolution of the follower base of a profile or page.

Organic and paid

Reach of publications; Degree of engagement with posts and ads; Generation of Leads in the various actions; Conversion rate of posts. These are Panama WhatsApp Number List all valid and important metrics in terms of social media monitoring in. The broadest sense, but the problem is that they are Conversion specific , i.e. they are very well defined from a mathematical point of view. For these cases, in addition to social media monitoring tools, Google.

Analytics also plays an

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Important role, as it can generate reports containing information. About conversions, which help us a lot in making decisions about the best strategies. When BH Leads we talk about monitoring social networks. We are referring to the capture of Mentions to the brand and Sentiments , and from a mathematical point of view, much less accurate. That’s why social media monitoring.

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