Whether your site has been created for a few days or a couple

Don’t panic! To answer why you can’t find. your site on Google you need to consider an important distinction. yours a new website or has it been online for some time ? How long has it been published? You should know that for Google it makes a lot of difference  of months or even years. The SEO copywriter the one who implements writing techniques for the positioning of his articles on search engines. It a professional who.

If you’ve just put your website online

In these cases an SEO Specialist would. Tell you that the site has not yet been indexed . What does it mean? It means that the algorithm that scans. The billions of Uganda Mobile Number List sites that populate the web hasn’t yet added. Yours to the search engine’s index . This is the simplest (and least worrying) reason why your site isn’t showing up on Google yet. And you don’t have to. Do anything special to fix this non-problem. You simply have to wait for Google spiders to “notice” your site and they will directly arrange for it to be indexed. From the moment you publish the site, consider that it may take up to 10/15 days for this to happen.  Just a little tip.  to Google? By this. I mean if you have crawled the sitemap of. your site by Google crawlers, as.

Have you reported your website

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I mentioned above. You should know that one of. The best ways to submit your website to Google to submit the sitemap through your Google Search Console account. Or, if you have a website with WordPress, use SEO plugins by indicating the URL of your sitemap. What a sitemap? It that BH Leads file in XML format that the search engine analyzes to scan the pages of your website and find out if you have published new content. Submitting your sitemap to Google essential for your site to appear in search results. In this video, Danielle Weisberg explains how to manage a website’s sitemap using Google Search Console, the free tool that Google makes available to website owners.

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