We start precisely with this part because without planning

Budget for your actions; Schedule of your marketing. Actions; Results monitoring tools. One of the biggest mistakes in digital marketing is to. Start creating ads and other tools without having an initial plan. It is for no other reason that in our trainings. It is practically impossible to have a good return with the online promotion of your business.

How to choose the

Channels in which I should invest? Knowing how to increase sales with digital marketing is a very broad question, as, at least in theory, there are a multitude Austria WhatsApp Number List of options in terms of channels. The problem is depending on your business,  in all these channels for the simple reason that your target audience is not part of the audience to which certain channels are directed.

You don’t need to be present

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Have you ever imagined trying to sell suits on TikTok ? It doesn’t make any sense, as the audience is mostly made up of teenagers. The definition of the BH Leads marketing channels to be used starts with the creation of a Marketing Persona , that is, the representation of the target audience you want to reach, and then select the channels where this audience usually is.

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