The ads displayed on this site are created in the option known

Which we know is one of the first conditions for achieving a good volume of traffic from searches. In this case, the advertiser registers on the Google Ads platform, the keywords that, when typed into Google, he would like his ads to be displayed, and the amount he is willing to pay to have his ads published. How to advertise on Google is first and foremost a matter of strategic planning, and it is important to note that choosing the Google.

Network will depend a lot

Ads Search on your marketing objectives. For those who are starting now, and want immediate exposure of their products to a mature target Indonesia WhatsApp Number List audience, this is the best option. 2 – How to advertise on Google partner sites  about how to advertise on Google is related to ads on the search engine’s partner network.

Another very common question

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That is, sites that display Google ads in text and banner format on their pages, as they participate in the Google AdSense program .  as the Display BH Leads Network , that is, the network of sites that give advertising space to Google in exchange for a portion of the amount paid by the advertiser to.

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